HRM84 – Managing People and Organisations

Many areas of Human Resource Management in the context of managing people and organisations were covered in this module.

The assessment was done in a controlled environment in that we had only a limited amount of time to complete the assessment electronically over a weekend.

I chose the following areas (there are slight edits to obfuscate the organisation under study) :-

Evolution / Revolution of Organisational Growth (80/100)

Introduction In this paper the Greiner Model (1972) of Evolution/Revolution of organisational growth is applied to an organisation. For brevity the study organisation is to be considered as an multinational bank and financial services institute with a history dating from 1854 that has been formed by a number of mergers and acquisitions since the foundation of the current business in the year 2000. Whilst the geographic focus is centred from the south coast this assessments are inclusive of the global nature of the organisation.

Griener Model – Usefulness & Limitations in the organisation

The Griener Model asks leaders and managers to look at where we have been, where are now and where are we going. Identification of ‘where’ and the ‘now’ within the framework allows the organisation to prepare for the future. The steps from one phase can be described as revolutionary with evolutionary increments between. Table 1 provides a high level summary of the uses and limitation within the organisation based around the phases as defined by Griener.

Critical Examination of management actions that can make a team more effective (50/100)

Due to the nature of this paper I am unable to provide more information online.

Evaluation of effective training and development provided (69/100)

Due to the nature of this paper I am unable to provide more information online.