FNM18 – Accounting & Performance Management Assessment

This assignment was split into two sections, one using published accounts for analysis, and then managment accounting of a small business.

I received 64% as an average for both papers. Below is the introduction to the financial analysis of Shell & BP. If you would like to know more about the analysis methods used on either, please contact me on alan@knipmeyer.co.uk


In this paper the profitability of two UK FTSE companies are compared via various financial analysis as to their viability as potential long term investments. The usefulness and limitations of the analysis is critically reflected apon to further assist potential investors.

Furthermore, the perspective of a potential lender is taken with the risk and returns is critically discussed.


The companies chosen are two oil films listed on the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) and based either wholly or partially in the UK, and with entries at Companies House. Both companies main activities are in the same industry, namely oil and products of its processing.

These can be segmented into Upstream, Downstream and Corporate markets – a brief summary is provided in table <n>. A more detailed definition is provided in each companies annual report, e.g. Shell (2016, pg11)