Last lesson with Lew / 2017~18 schedule !

So Monday the 8th was the last lesson for Strategic Management. Lew has been an absolutely fantastic teacher, and I will really miss the lessons. I have learned so much in a short time, and am really looking forward to completing the assignment for June.
It seems strange that I wont be back for lessons until the next academic year, and for me its the final one at Brighton !
I have already planned my subjects and have gone for block sessions on all of them, I have to say that the weekly commute was hard work, the minium length of day was 18 hours with work at the start, then a commute, lesson and drive back (90+ miles!)
So now I have next lesson will be starting in November !
I’m really excited that the final year is apon me, in Dec/Jan I will start contacting Bournemouth Uni for my PhD!