grades are in for FNM18

The grades came back for FNM18 – and am glad to say that I have passed !
The result, yet to be passed by the exam board, is 64%, which I’m really happy with (resulted in buying cakes for coworkers…) – its not my highest grade of the year, but it was a tough subject for me, so the extra work really paid off.

Any other students taking this module here is my advice –

  • get all the annual reports for your selected companies ahead of the exam date, make sure you have all of them. I got caught out on BP publishing a Q4 report where i had to incorporated all the figures. Get familiar with the reports – myself and a number of students found that even tho they are FTSE companies, they will use different terminology for different standard accounting terms.
  • Use FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy) at your discretion – i used it as a reference for cross checking only, not for the actual basis of the report values. You could come unstuck quite quickly if you only used FAME for the inputs. It would show in the calculations. I’d rather be slightly out on traceable values, than totally out on values I didn’t understand on how they were created.
  • For the performance management allow equal amounts of time, unless you feel really confident you know about alternate accounting methods (ABC)
  • Give yourself time for breaks/sleep during the exam weekend – I didn’t to the cost of my health, staying awake for nearly 4 days straight didn’t help crosschecking and I made some simple mistakes towards the end.
  • I was lucky enough to get a 48 hour extension due to various factors – let the teachers/course admin know ASAP if you think your aren’t going to submit in time, there is always a possibility you will get an extension – for me that is worth an extra 14% points above the 50% I would of got for being a day late without the extension request.