Its been a while – but heres the news !
Marketing – erm, have to see what the exam board say about my results…
International Strategic Management – Got my proposal thru the initial phases. I’ve actually managed to find something in the public domain I can discuss about my employer \o/
I’m waiting on my grades for Accounting & Performance Management. If your a Student of Brighton Uni MBA and thinking of doing this module, take advantage of the prep-time ! I was end-to-end with so little sleep to complete this, in the end i obtained an extension for 24 hours because I had a number of interruptions to during the weekend.
I was really amazed at how much I enjoyed Accounting & Performance Management. Working out different costing methods for Performance Management was really an eye opener. Using the annual reports for the financial analysis was really tough, but I was really happy I could get all the results out the actual reports – I couldn’t coorelate the values from Financial Analysis Made Easy (FAME) to what were in the reports, so I just stuck to the values in the reports. As much as I’m a person that says I’d like a Merit or a Distnction grade, I will be really happy with a Pass on that module.
We have had a big break from lectures but we restart again on Monday with the amazing Leu Perring. Its our penultimate lesson, but I have thorughly enjoyed every single one. It is one paper I am actually feeling very excited about writing, rather than just having to complete to make it thru the MBA.