HRM Grades Back !

My first marked work of 2016/17 has come back – overall I’m really happy with the results and the feedback is constructive and useful for future assignments. Given it was ‘exam’ conditions and time-bound I’m rather happy.

Here is a summary :-

Evolution/Revolution of Organizational Growth – 80% (Distinction)
Management Actions for Team Effectiveness – 50% (Pass)
Training & Development – E Learning – 69% (Merit)

I am glad that i at least passed the 2nd paper with a 50% as reading it again now I didnt really answer the question as well as I could, so again, it is really important to understand and read the question. I am glad at least my submission was accepted and passed despite not fully answering the question.

Really happy with the 80% – i started with the hardest question first, which was this paper, so maybe i need to find a way to maintain that level of staminer in my writing. I think being time-bound was quite hard to maintain the quality, but more about the knowledge i had onbarded and could recall easily, despite it being the hardest question.

Still – Marketing assignement is due for submission soon, I’m not sure where this puts me on an average mark, I’m hoping its around the Merit level on average still.