Reflection of HRM assement

Having quickly assessed the questions on Friday I made my decision of which ones to answer.

I started with the one I knew would be the hardest for me to complete, but I would gain the most satisfaction on (keep the motivation up !) – by Saturday I had completed the first question, but with further questions to complete I had a tight schedule !

I intertwined regular breaks, power-naps and walking-the-dog as part of the plan. I found the dog-walking especially effective after reviewing a lot of literature. The time spent not reading or writing gave me time to clear my mind then return to the work, whilst the naps gave the energy to sustain the effort.

By Sunday i had completed the second question – it was a challenge due to the type of critical evaluation used – many references had to be investigated to support and contradict the arguments presented, so whilst the writing in itself was hard, getting good and recent arguments was a satisfying challenge.

By Sunday Night and Monday morning I was to the third and thankfully final question. I felt it was the one I would find the least challenging, but in actuality I was really starting to suffer from over-criticism. Every time I started a paragraph, i would delete it. Worst would be spending time on what i thought was a good channel of effort only on reflection to say ‘how does this really tie into the question asked, and how does it support my own arguments’ – it took a lot of re-writing and finding decent scholarly articles to complete, but I was very happy with the majority of the sources I found. I am worried that there is a bit too much of a narrative over investigation and reinforcement, but will find out when the grades come back !

Overall i was very glad to complete the work, I found that I had got it right in terms of the work distribution and giving myself enough time to complete over the weekend.
I am looking forward to receiving the grades and opinions of my lecturers – it has been my first marked assessment since 2015, so what ever the outcome, i will be satisfied with their criticism and look to build from it.

Finally a big thanks to my wife for keeping me refueled with tea&biscuits,reviewing my documents and generally ensuring my health didn’t suffer to the detriment of my ambitions in completing the articles ahead of the submission time:)