New site for the academic duration !

So here it is ! After having this domain for a while, i’ve actually got around to putting some content on it.

You can read a little bit about how i got to this academic year on the about page.
But for now, here is a bit of academic history on my grades and the planned path to glorious graduation in 2018 (or is it later.. never sure with parttime..)

Modules of 2014/15

IMM-08 – Managing Innovation B

I thoughly enjoyed this subject and the teacher was fantastic. Not only were the lessons engaging but the additonal material we got was excellent.

I bought a couple of books from Amazon,but still today (11/2016) Managing Innovation by Tidd/Bessant/Pavitt published by Wiley gets well used.

My grades sadly reflected the amount of effort i could put into the paper, i was a bit disappointed, but glad to pass with 52%.

STM22 – Management Environment & Economics B

What can I say – I thought i would never be interested in Economics, but you get some amazing teachers and they bring the subject to life! I cannot remember coming out of lecture feeling I had just about consumed as much information I could take, but these lectures were that ! Dual lead by two great teachers, I learned a huge amount in a short time.

Sadly at the time i was facing increasing external issues and already had applied for an extenstion. Whilst I recieved an ‘ok’ grade, i was capped at 50%, but i thoughly enjoyed the paper and it has really inspired my interest in economics and strategic planning.

Modules of 2016/17

So here we are ! back at school, with some block weeks in there as well ! I’m determinted to start my final academic year for the MBA in 2017, so have taken 4 modules this year. By the end of the MBA I will actually have points in excess of requirement for a full MBA ! Anyhow, thats alot of study away. Here for now is the 2016/17 modules !

FRN18 – Accounting and Performance Management

HRM84 – Managing People and Organisations

MKM51 – Strategic Marketing Planning in an International Context

STM37 – International Strategy – part time.

I’ve already completed a block week in HRM84, which was really great to be back in class in the daytime. It was good to see other MBA students at various stages of their MBA as well, I even bumped into a couple from my 2014/15 year!

I have my first exam for HMR84 in December and my first paper for Marketing due in January.

I am really am hoping for good grades, as I feel ever more confident!